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Does Synthetic Urine Work?

It is artificial urine in which different chemical compounds are mixed to make up artificial human pee to fool drug test. It has become a regular practice for companies that they drug test their workers if the employee is consuming marijuana or not. So, if someone is addicted to marijuana or has become a drug abuser and want to do his job then he can use fake urine.

Synthetic urine does work. Drug test can be fooled, by following some precautionary measurements, by using it. It is not wrong to use synthetic urine because there are some people who use marijuana and some of them want to continue their job without leaving intake of marijuana. It works in laboratories for drug tests because most of them don’t perform genetic analysis to prove that your sample is fake.

Almost all good companies take drug tests of their employees and some of them are addicted to weed e.g. marijuana. Rate of marijuana consumers has increased a lot than before.  

It will definitely work if you take the following instructions in mind;

    Its pH should be in between 4.6 and 8. If its pH is not in that range, the person will fail it.

    It should not be diluted like water.

    Its specific gravity should be exact like that of original one.

    Its color and odor also matter which should be same as that of original one.

    If creatine level is less than to that of body weight then it will be considered as dilute.

    Its temperature should be in between 34oC and 38oC or 98oF. You should have to be very cautious that its temperature should match to your body temperature especially on the test day otherwise you will fail the test.

    Original one has urea in it so it should contain urea in it. So there will be an appropriate amount of urea in it. If it hasn’t specific amount of urea in it then it will be detected because the laboratories check if urea in appropriate amount is present in it or not.

    Some testers check its adulteration which means that if it is not contaminated or fake. You should make sure that it is not adulterated to fool drug test.

    Like other chemical substance expire it does expire. If you really want the synthetic urine to work properly then you should check its expiry date which is very important.

    You should bring a specific amount of it and should hide it very carefully. Take 30ml of the urine but also bring some extra amount because doctors and nurses will give you a bottle and mark it. So you have to give sample up to this mark.

    Make sure that you have heating pads so then temperature of sample should match to that of your body.

So by purchasing a good brand of synthetic urine and following the above instructions your fake urine will work properly. You can find more info at